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TEKS, Year at a Glance

Mathematical Applications in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources


First Six Weeks: Professional Standards and Employability Skills, Mathematical Calculations

Second Six Weeks: Mathematical Processes, Solve Problems in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Industries

Third Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Agribusiness Systems / Animal Systems

Fourth Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Environmental Service Systems / Food Products and Processing Systems

Fifth Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Natural Resource Systems / Plant Systems

Sixth Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Power, Structural, and Technical Systems




First Six Weeks: Functions (including power, polynomial, and rational)

Second Six Weeks: Functions (exponential, logarithmic, and trig)

Third Six Weeks: Trig Identities, Systems, Matrices

Fourth Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Conics, Parametrics, and Vectors

Fifth Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Polar Coordinates, Complex Numbers, Sequences and Series

Sixth Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Inferential Stats, Limits and Derivatives


First Six Weeks: Preparing for Calculus, Limits and Continuity

Second Six Weeks: Derivatives

Third Six Weeks: Integrals

Fourth Six Weeks: Integration Techniques

Fifth Six Weeks:  Infinite Series, Parametric and Polar Equations

Sixth Six Weeks: Vectors, Vector Functions, 3D Space


Algebra II


First Six Weeks: Equations, Inequalities, Relations, and Functions

Second Six Weeks: Systems and Quadratics

Third Six Weeks: Polynomials, Inverses, and Radicals

Fourth Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Exponential, Logarithmic, and Rational Functions

Fifth Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Conics, Sequences, and Series

Sixth Six Weeks: Solve Problems – Statistics and Trigonometry



First Six Weeks: Intro, Organizing Data

Second Six Weeks: Averages and Variation, Correlation and Regression

Third Six Weeks: Binomial Probability Distribution

Fourth Six Weeks: Normal Curves and Sampling Distributions

Fifth Six Weeks: Estimations, Hypothesis Testing

Sixth Six Weeks: Inferences