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4th Grade Social Studies YAG



4th Grade Social Studies

Texas History


  1. American Indian Life

Location and way of life

Government & Economic Patterns


  1. Exploration and Colonization

European Exploration

1st & 2nd Flags: Spain and France

3rd Flag: Mexican Sovereignty


  1. Independence - Annexation

Cause and Effects of the Revolution

4th Flag: Republic of Texas

5th Flag: Annexation of the US


  1. Developing Government Structure

Structure of Government

Historical Documents: Celebrate Freedom


  1. Texas at the End of the 19th Century

Political Changes: Civil War and Reconstruction

Economic Changes: Expanding Industries

Social Changes: Conflict with American Indians


  1. 20th Century Texas

The Free Enterprise System

Age of Oil and the Early 20th Century

Modern Innovation and the Market


  1. Citizenship and Culture

Honor and Celebrate Texas: Citizenship 

Honor and Celebrate Texas: Culture